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Laboratory diagnosis of chronic viral hepatitis is the most accurate. Its result is indisputable evidence of the presence or absence of the disease. A laboratory test for viral hepatitis is a set of studies that includes:

General analysis of blood and urine. Allows you to assess the condition of the liver as a whole. It is unfavorable if the indicators of liver enzymes, bilirubin, proteins exceed the norm. Immunofermental analysis. A universal method, it is based on a blood test for markers of viral hepatitis - antigens and antibodies that the immune system produces if the virus has entered the human body. The polymerase chain reaction method is the most accurate and modern in the diagnosis of viral hepatitis. Allows you to detect the disease at the earliest stage by viral DNA.
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Only according to the results of a blood test for viral hepatitis, the doctor will be able to determine which type of hepatitis the patient has, and, accordingly, prescribe the correct treatment. Instrumental methods for diagnosing viral hepatitis. Changes in the liver can also reveal other methods of studying the body, which will complement the overall clinical picture:

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Exclude the use of unboiled drinking water, potentially contaminated products. Contact persons are examined once a week for 35 days and take a biochemical blood test. Donor immunoglobulin is administered to children and pregnant women who have been in contact with the patient. Prevention of hepatitis B, C and D involves the use of barrier means of protection during sexual intercourse, the use of reliable methods of disinfection of medical instruments, equipment of cosmetologists and manicurists. The most important role is played by examinations of blood, sperm and organs donors, testing of blood and its preparations.

Monitor contacts. People at risk are vaccinated: newborns of mothers with hepatitis, patients with chronic pathologies requiring constant blood transfusions and parenteral manipulations.

With probable infection, the introduction of a specific hyperimmune immunoglobulin within 2 days after contact is recommended.

Treatment of viral hepatitis includes the following areas of drug therapy: To remove toxic compounds from the intestines, enterosorbents are prescribed.
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The excretion of toxins through the kidneys is stimulated by intravenous infusions of colloid and crystalloid solutions in combination with hormones and diuretics. To eliminate tissue hypoxia, antihypoxants, antioxidants, precursors of macroergs are prescribed. Restoration of tissues and functions of the liver.

Orally administered protein supplements. Protein preparations and solutions of amino acids are administered intravenously.

The therapy regimen includes steroid and non-steroidal anabolics, potassium preparations, vitamins and trace elements. Suppression of necrosis and fibrosis. Hormonal agents, potassium preparations and proteinase inhibitors are recommended. To increase the effectiveness of taking medicationssupplement with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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Elimination of cholestasis. For prophylactic purposes, bile acid adsorbents, enterosorbents and ursodeoxycholic acid preparations are used. After the onset of a gall crisis, hydrocholeretics and other drugs with a choleretic effect are indicated. antiviral therapy. If there are indications, it is performed for hepatitis B, C and D. Antiviral agents are selected taking into account the characteristics of the course of the disease, supplemented with herbal preparations with an antiviral effect.

Fulminant hepatitis of the hyperimmune type is an indication for the use of immunosuppressants, immunotolerant type - for the use of interferons in combination with NSAIDs and antiviral agents.

Interferon inducers are useful in progredient and protracted course.

Restoration of the intestinal microflora. Probiotics, drugs to change the pH of the intestines, etc. are prescribed.
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